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Maintenance…pre or post storage?

There are lots of schools of thought on how you should prep your vehicle for storage, whether you live in a warm or cold climate.

Some like to change fluids prior to a winters nap.  Some like to shut them down and address all the maintenance items as part of a spring ritual.  Where do you fall?  How about these tips:

  • Set up your storage situation.  Dry is he most important.  Make sure it’s varmint free too
  • Tire pressures.  I set them to the max recommended to try and limit flat spotting.  I have also invested in products like RaceRamp’s ‘Flatstoppers’ or ‘Wheel Cribs’.  They provide room to work under the car but most importantly they keep the tires round all winter.  I also have a set of wheel dollies.  Adding to the tire protection, they make it awful easy to move your car around in ways that you never imagined
  • Cover your car.  Unless you are storing your ride in an area that has specific types of ventilation, you will get dusty.  Buy the best cover you can afford but more importantly, make sure you match it with the environment you will be storing in.  Outside?  You need a high end cover and a parking spot that can dry out underneath.  No grass or dirt.  Make sure your car is clean before putting that cover on as anything between the cover and the car will act as an abrasive.  It’s also helpful that prying eyes can’t see your investment, no matter where it is
  • Change that oil.  I don’t think it matters if you do it pre or post storage but many would argue that oil is both mileage and time sensitive.  New oil never hurts
  • Do an overall assessment of where the vehicle is from a condition standpoint.  Specifically, do you have anything you need to address before you uncover it and want to start driving in the spring?  Does your state have annual inspections?  Get the little stuff out of the way before you store it so that you can hit the ground running

What are your annual rituals?

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